Our Range of Services

At C3L Associates we are dedicated to your success. Our broad range of services in the medical and humanitarian sectors assures your success in any new project or capital purchase.

Urban Farming Systems

urban farm boxOur Farm Anywhere Box™ Solution - FAB™ can be retrofitted or design-new to fit the space, location and circumstances of each Urban Farming Project. These scalable, sustainable, and self-sufficient systems contain all the necessary components to provide food security to an area.

Water Purification and Bottling Facilities

water purification and bottlingOur custom designed water purification and bottling systems are scalable to meet our customers needs. Depending on the requirements, systems may include components such as: UV sterilization, two column or mixed bed deionizers, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, distillation, softeners, bottle molders & labelers, capping machines and case packaging.

Sourcing and Procurement

sourcing purchasing and procurementAs a cornerstone of our business C3L Associates offers a one-stop-shop program for sourcing and procurement. Whether your needs lie in a specific product or a broader need such as women's health, construction or cardiac care, we offer a solution for you.

Emerging Technology Representation

emerging technology market strategiesDeveloping an effective market strategy requires a firm understanding of existing whole products, related assets and sound market approaches. When C3L works with companies pursuing our early market opportunities, we focus our time, energy and talents with the customer to maximize their potential.

Life-cycle Cost Reduction of Capital Expenditure

photo for facilities life-cycle cost reductionThe savvy executive is acutely aware that the bulk of the total lifecycle cost of most capital expenditures lie not in the initial purchase, but in the operation and maintenance of that asset. We offer solutions that reduce the life cycle costs and then maximize the utilization of that asset to get the greatest possible return on your investment.

We offer programs not just products.

Executive Coaching and Leadership

leadership and management training for executivesProviding service leadership and support to a company in business today is a complex art and skill. It requires relentless effort, professional dedication, and efficient application of operational and logistic expertise.

Our programs help executives and organizations expand their competitive advantage by developing leadership and management skills to build the people in their organizations. To be successful, you need a strategic plan; just knowing where you need to be is not enough. Working harder and faster with the wrong roadmap only gets you lost faster. C3L works with your organizations vision and values to create tactics and processes to help you reach your goals. The speed required to make decisions and do business successfully, relies on your ability to anticipate and make needed changes.

Operations Analysis and Optimization

operations analysis optimization and consultingBacked by a seasoned financial team, our operations strategists are ready to provide innovative operations insight, backed by sound financial merit. Our approach is to build quality into your business and operating processes by removing variability and non-value-added steps and waste depending upon your situation and needs. We align management and operating systems with strategic directions while focusing on the customer.

Sterilizers Available

remanufactured sterilizers available nowC3L Associates represents one of the largest remanufactures of sterilizers offering a stand alone unit with an integrated steam generator for facilities without an independent steam system or plug in sterilizers that utilize an existing steam system. The systems are fully remanufactured and tested. Systems include stage 3 controls, racks and shelving.

Refurbished Equipment Available

refurbished equipment available immediatelyThrough our network of the top refurbished/remanufactured suppliers in the world we have immediate availability of a broad range of clinical and nonclinical items including monitors, laboratory, and surgery equipment.

Our customers buy with confidence because we back up our products with after sales support, parts and service.

Refurbished Equipment Price Quotes

refurbished equipment price quotes We provide healthcare organizations price quotes and comparisons based on market conditions for thousands of items. This enables facilities to project their costs more accurately and spend their capital equipment dollars more wisely. Equipment suppliers can access new health care facilities to provide detailed quotes for equipment, installation, maintenance, and warranty coverage by contacting us to be added to the database.

New and OEM Equipment Available

new and oem equipment availableThrough our affiliates we represent a manufacturer of high frequency medical and veterinarian X-ray systems, a premier manufacturer of stainless steel and chrome equipment, and a manufacturer of innovative medical and surgical lighting. Be sure to ask about our service and maintenance programs available on this equipment.

Healthcare Fundraising and Recruiting

fundraising and charity fundraising and recruitingThere are many challenges in running a charitable 501(c)3 organization. A business with a consistent revenue stream has its challenges but when your primary source of revenue is fundraising the challenges increase ten fold. Our team operates several of our own philanthropic organizations with great success. C3L looks forward to sharing our creative ideas to help your organization succeed. We make it our business to help people make a difference.