Project Portfolio

Here are just a few of the ways we have helped other companies reach their goals. Contact us now to see how we can help you and your organization.

Food Security Solutions

sustainable urban farmingFood security and supply is paramount to any society and is a very complex subject. No single solution is adequate, but food safety, supply, and cost are at the top of every government’s agenda. Implementation of urban farming employing large scale hydroponics and aquaculture inside cityscape is a solution.

Our Farm Anywhere Box™ Solution - FAB™ can be Retrofitted or Design-New to fit the space, location and circumstances of each Urban Farming Project.

The FAB™ provides improvement in taste and nutritional quality, “clean room” processing and offers a wide range of produce for local direct distribution to urban markets at wholesale prices.

Food Processing Facility - Sustainable Opportunities

turn-key food processing facilityBy assembling a team of professionals and subject matter experts we have ensured that these turn-key opportunities will provide long term sustainable development. Our solution provides sustainable economic, social, environmental, organizational, informational, financial and human resource development.

These scalable opportunities can include:

  • All new buildings and equipment meeting current EU standards
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment for products such as: Poultry & Egg, Milk & Dairy, Bread & Biscuits and Meat/Butchery
  • Appropriate ISO certifications coordinated by our educational resource
  • Facilities operation and construction training
  • Design, engineering and architecture solutions
  • Stand-alone water purification and electricity generation for the facility

    Real Estate Development and Construction

    construction and real estate developmentOur consortium of development and construction professionals have developed over $1.2 Billion in aggregate projects. Our scope often includes: Feasibility Studies - Due Diligence - Financial Strategies - Utility and Infrastructure - Municipal Approvals and Entitlements - Planning, Design and Engineering - Vertical Construction - Sales & Marketing - Property Management.

    International deployment strategy for emerging cancer imaging system

    global launch of imaging productIn our persistent effort to provide not just products but programs, we developed the marketing model and deployment strategy for an emerging cancer imaging system. This relationship with the manufacturer and distribution partner has positioned this product for optimal international commercialization.

    Facilities cost reduction for 100+ acre medical campus

    facilities cost reduction campusPositioned a self-funded performance contract and gained approval from a facilities level through the board of directors. This large medical campus realized a $21 million USD energy savings over 8 years.

    $100 Million USD sourcing scope development for hospital owner group

    equipment and consumables sourcingThrough an affiliate we were tasked with sourcing consumable and non-consumable medical products and capital equipment. The broad scope of products ranged from ambulance vehicles to adhesive bandages.

    Pediatric cancer resource guide

    pediatric cancer resource guideWe worked with treatment centers for pediatric cancer and organized facilitation meetings around the state to develop a South Carolina specific resource guide for pediatric cancer patients and their families. We designed the web and paper resource guides for families of newly diagnosed patients that are used by treatment centers throughout the state.

    Executive coaching and leadership training for Senior Management

    executive and senior management coachingWe work closely with several rising executives in critical need during a period of substantial startup growth and business process engineering. Our plan helped position these executives to rise with the substantial growth of the company so they could provide the needed operational skills to support their growing company.

    Operations and business strategy analysis for emerging device company

    operations and business strategy We redefined market segments and developed new lines of business allowing our customer to reposition their product to better meet the critical medical benchmarks used by Healthcare organizations.

    Philanthropic fundraising and recruiting strategy for pediatric charity

    philanthropy and fundraising for charityAs board members of several charitable organizations C3L has developed many marketing and financial plans to guide the success of these organizations by driving additional gifts, outreach and messaging. In conjunction with care providers we have shared our methods and outreach with Healthcare centers, parents and non-profit organizations that assist families facing pediatric healthcare challenges.

    Feasibility study for WI-FI mesh technology for Southeast Asian Seaport

    wi-fi and wireless mesh technology infrastructureFeasibility study to identify the value of a wireless mesh technology system to monitor port traffic and customs compliance.

    Diversity business participation training program

    wi-fi and wireless mesh technology infrastructureTo help a large treatment, research and teaching hospital meet diversity participation goals, we implemented a Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) program. C3L assisted and counseled eligible sub trades on how to participate in a $22M dollar performance contract project. With the customer, we designed a program that would increase the ability of eligible MWBE businesses to be included as service providers for the project.